Silver Grey 1-3mm


Light marl grey with a white and black fleck angular chipping.

Aggregates Dorset

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Delivery Details

Aquarium and Modelling Aggregates are available for delivery across the UK.

Sample – Any location – £4.99

3kg Bag – Any location – £10 per bag

20kg Bag – See pricing table below. For areas across the UK outside of these locations 20kg bags are charged at £60 for any number of bags.

DT1 1 DT2 7 BH20 BA8 BH1
DT1 2 DT2 8 DT2 0 BA20 BH2
DT1 3 DT2 9 DT4 0 BA21 BH3
DT1 9 DT3 4 DT4 4 BA22 BH4
DT3 5 DT3 6 DT4 7 BH19 BH5
DT5 1 DT4 8 BH21 BH6
DT5 2 DT4 9 DT6 5 BH7
DT5 9 DT6 3 DT6 6 BH8
DT6 4 DT6 9 BH9
DT9 3 DT7 3 BH10
DT9 5 DT8 3 BH11
DT9 6 DT9 4 BH12
DT9 9 SP7 BH13
DT10 1 SP8 BH14
DT10 2 BH15
DT10 9 BH16
DT11 0 BH17
DT11 1 BH18
DT11 7 BH22
DT11 8 BH23
DT11 9 BH24

Please note: All prices exclude VAT. Some highlands and islands locations may require an additional premium to be paid. If you are from one of these areas please contact us to obtain a shipping quote.