Chocolate European Cobbles


Our range of weathered sandstone cobbles can be used in a variety of applications including patios, paths, edging features, courtyards and driveways. Please note that if you wish the cobbles to take vehicular traffic, they must be laid on a full bed of mortar.

Approximately 100mm x 100mm x 50mm

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Samples of qualifying products can be shipped free of charge to any location in the UK*.

20kg Bags

Please see pricing table below. 20kg bags can be shipped to any other location in the UK for £50 for any number of bags.

All Other Aggregates

All of our aggregates will be delivered using a short wheelbase lorry carrying up to 11.5 tons, which gives us a superior ability to access smaller properties, driveways and sites. Please note that we will require at least 3m access and space for deliveries to be made off the public highway. For full details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Delivery is charged per load (up to 11.5 tons or m3) and is calculated using the delivery postcode. Please use the table below to look up your delivery charge. If your delivery postcode is not shown below and/or you are ordering more than 11.5 tons or m3, please contact us with details for a quote.

DT1 1 DT2 7 BH20 BA8 BH1
DT1 2 DT2 8 DT2 0 BA20 BH2
DT1 3 DT2 9 DT6 3 BA21 BH3
DT1 9 DT3 4 DT6 4 BA22 BH4
DT3 5 DT3 6 DT9 3 BH19 BH5
DT4 0 DT5 1 DT9 5 BH21 BH6
DT4 4 DT5 2 DT9 6 DT6 5 BH7
DT4 7 DT5 9 DT9 9 DT6 6 BH8
DT4 8 DT10 1 DT6 9 BH9
DT4 9 DT10 2 DT7 3 BH10
DT10 9 DT8 3 BH11
DT11 0 DT9 4 BH12
DT11 1 SP7 BH13
DT11 7 SP8 BH14
DT11 8 BH15
DT11 9 BH16


The Free Shipping zone has the following exceptions:
Sleepers – Minimum order quantity of 10. Shipping for fewer than 10 is charged at £15
20kg Bags – Shipping is charged at a flat rate of £4.50 for any number of bags
Bulk Bags – Shipping for a Bulk Bags is charged at £4.50 for any number of bags

For UK shipping, some highlands and islands locations may require an additional premium to be paid. If you are from one of these areas please contact us to obtain a shipping quote. All prices exclude VAT.