Artificial Grass

Why Choose Namgrass?

The “NAM” in Namgrass stands for ‘Natura Artis Magistra’, meaning – ‘Nature is the teacher of art’. Namgrass aims to produce and deliver products that are as realistic to nature as possible.

For over 30 years, Namgrass has been designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by Namgrass, with exhaustive attention to detail and quality. Namgrass is constantly driving improvements using clever innovation and new technology, always ensuring that Namgrass offers the most natural look and feel.

How Do I Install Namgrass?

You may be wondering how to install broad swathes of beautifully lush Namgrass Artificial Grass. Whether you handle this as a DIY project or you get help from a professional installer, careful planning and preparation will pay off in the end. Find out more here: How to Install Namgrass.

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